Marsha Stone
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Marsha Stone, a world-renowned speaker, visionary, and respected leader in the field of addiction recovery serves as the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BRC Healthcare. Having previously served as Chief Executive Officer of BRC Recovery, Marsha has been responsible for the growth, development, and founding of each of the BRC Family of Programs which cover the entire continuum and all levels of care. With her leadership, BRC Recovery has expanded its pioneer reputation and lives fully into its purpose of Bringing Real Change to the face of addiction for over 13 years.

Marsha regularly speaks at top industry conferences around the world and frequently appears on various media outlets including A&E Intervention, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors. Marsha integrates her own battle and triumph over addiction into providing the most effective and quality rehabilitative programming possible to those struggling with addictive disorders.

Marsha holds a Juris Doctorate with the distinction of Academic Excellence from North Carolina Central University, a Bachelor of Arts in English from Elizabeth City State University, and is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas.

Drew Rothermel
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew J. “Drew” Rothermel, is one of the leading C-suite executives in the national treatment industry.  Over his 20-year career, Rothermel has served as Chief Executive Officer for Origins Behavioral Healthcare, Caron Treatment Center’s Florida Operations, and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of BRC Healthcare.

Drew is a recognized entrepreneur and treatment legal advocate in leading the reform of key healthcare legislation with regard to addicted individuals and their constitutional protection under the Americans with Disability’s Act throughout the state of Florida. In addition, Drew is an industry authority on and Mergers/Acquisitions, startups, and mobilizing communities in support of recovery services.

He holds his B.S. in Finance and his MBA from the University of Richmond – Robins School of Business.  Rothermel also earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree from the University of Richmond’s School of Law.

Mandy Baker
Chief Clinical Officer

Amanda K. (Mandy) Baker, MS, LCDC is the Chief Clinical Officer for the BRC Recovery Family of Programs, overseeing all clinical services offered by the BRC Family of Programs. Prior to BRC, she was the former Vice President of Clinical Services at Origins Recovery Centers, overseeing five levels of care in four facilities. She has also held positions at The Ranch at Dove Tree, and Texas Tech Center for Students in Recovery. While at Texas Tech, Mandy and her team were instrumental in developing the recovery campus movement, which has significantly impacted the national movement of how colleges address addiction.

THE LEGEND OF BRC- Bringing Real Change

As the winds of change have blown over the Texas Hill Country for centuries, Austin, Texas has long been known as a mecca for seekers of direction, guidance, and purpose. It is fitting that BRC Healthcare planted its headquarters in the southeast portion of this energetic and recovery-oriented city. Building upon the deep roots of its pioneer origins, BRC Healthcare leads the nation in operating specialty behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities, programs, and services that encompass the complete continuum and all levels of care.

Our storied past runs deep and long but begins with Mark Houston, a recovery prophet who drove all over Texas looking for the right property to build his vision. Houston’s dream was to create a recovery program that melded the best practices of the top recovery centers of his day, with structure, accountability, guidance, and clear cut direction. When Mark pulled up on the property here on Parsons Road in his infamous Lincoln Continental, he knew he had found the perfect place to provide healing for the hopeless. 

Across the sweeping hillside and picturesque landscape, healing can be felt in the wind and seen in the trees. Thousands of people have come onto this land and laid their burdens down at the steps of the beloved Farmhouse. Just as Mark dared to plan and hope his vision would change lives, it did. Mark created what the treatment industry has come to recognize as the Texas Treatment Model: a 90-day continuum with 12-step immersion. But he also knew that he needed help to build upon his dream to form the foundation for a legacy that would outlast his years. 

Enter Marsha Stone, leader of the women’s program for Houston, who deeply connected with Mark’s purpose. She knew precisely what was needed to place the program on a trajectory for growth and stability after Mark’s passing. Marsha became CEO, renamed the program BRC Recovery, and began a new era of the addiction treatment industry. Utilizing her visionary business acumen, Marsha solidified the sophistication of clinical services while expanding the marketing reach of the organization. With a newly enhanced clinical approach to the prior programming, BRC Recovery launched a significantly improved clinical version of the Texas Treatment Model.  This model continues to be refined, reformed, and advanced.