7 Reasons To Love Being Sober

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What Does It Mean To Be Sober?

Many individuals find value in experiencing the act of being sober. Some individuals don’t hit “rock bottom” or end up in a dark place to pursue the desire to begin living a sober life. Being sober and incorporating a sober lifestyle can be vibrant, fulfilling, and interesting. The main benefit of learning how to live sober is being able to experience authentic experiences and relationships. Being able to discover true joy and peace at the moment is irreplaceable. 

What Are the 7 Reasons You’ll Love Being Sober?

Life Beyond Addiction

The most effective way to enter into a sober lifestyle is to eliminate the misconception that when being sober, life ends. Most people that have transitioned into sobriety, view life the exact opposite. They feel as though their life is simply beginning. Life after addiction gives individuals more control of their lives, activities, and relationships surrounding them. 

Multiple areas in life will begin to feel more manageable without the effects of drug and alcohol use. A more fruitful life in sobriety might include the following perks:

  • Enjoy opportunities level headed 
  • New relationships with other sober individuals 
  • Fewer issues and drama seem to linger when substance use is involved 

Life after addiction can present new creative outlets and professional opportunities to be discovered when drug and alcohol use isn’t occupying all of the time. 

Having Joy for the Past and Present

Mindfulness is a huge contributing factor when it comes to recovery and mental health in general. When a person engages in mindfulness, they are focused on the present moment and appreciating it for all that it is, rather than rummaging about the past or the future. Normally when individuals engage in substance use, they have a “skating through life” feeling. 

These individuals feel like they are seldomly living in the moment. One of the most substantial benefits of utilizing a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle is remaining present while remembering everything coherently. It’s encouraged to take in every moment and not feel like life is passing by in a twister of foggy memories. 

No More Blackouts or Hangovers

There are a plethora of drug and alcohol use effects that exceed far beyond feeling drunk or high. The alcohol blackouts occur when an individual drinks but does not remember anything afterward. When an individual begins the recovery process, they don’t have to worry about blackout or hangover effects.

One of the bright sides of a newfound lifestyle is remembering everything that occurred and not undergoing the sense of terror of waking up and not remembering what happened the previous night. It’s a significant change not having to wrack the brain to remember who was around and what transpired. One of the most common occurrences that will be avoided is not waking up with the sinking feeling that something horrific could have happened the night before.

The worst part is not knowing exactly what happened. Individuals won’t feel the need to text or call the people they were around in an attempt to piece together what occurred their previous night. Hangover symptoms are challenging to deal with and diminish the quality of life. Hangover effects can cause the individual to miss out on life opportunities because they are stuck in bed sick. When an individual is struggling with hangover symptoms, they aren’t able to interact with the activities they enjoy or the people they care about. 

  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea 
  • Brain fogs
  • Headaches

Authentic and Real Relationships 

When an individual immerses in drug and alcohol abuse, their relationships are built solely on substance use. The common occurrence is people who also engage in substance abuse spend time with individuals who enjoy the same type of lifestyle. The downside of this relationship is it isn’t sincere because the individuals do not know each other past the drug.

An individual’s romantic relationship can also be built on drug and alcohol use, and because of that reason, become toxic frequently. Once the pleasure of substance use is eliminated, the opportunity to enjoy living a sober life provokes sober relationships instead of toxic ones. As authentic relationships are established, it’s the most effective that they are built on the following: 

  • Mutual interests
  • Understanding 
  • Mutual respect

This will reduce the manner of spending quality time with a person just because they are willing or available to engage in drug and alcohol use with you. 

The Ability To Cope With Hardships

As individuals submerge in alcohol or drugs, it may start as a central way to deal with hardships. Once the habit continues, drug and alcohol use now is referred to as the fundamental coping mechanism. 

Another reason individuals engage in substance use is to undergo a numb feeling to overpass the grim circumstances of life. Once this pattern is enforced, being able to witness or experience the good in life is almost impossible. One of the most paramount objectives of immersing in recovery is providing those struggling with the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

The coping mechanisms are instilled in individuals as a way to pave the way for them to conquer hardships without the reliance on substances. By engaging in healthy coping mechanisms, a more sustainable approach is discovered instead of drinking away past challenges or numbing the pain altogether. 

Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Substance use doesn’t just influence an individual’s mental health. It can impact physical health in every possible way. For example, the person struggling with drug and alcohol use might not exercise because they would rather enjoy some hangout time or spend too much time tending to their horrific hangover symptoms. Their sleep patterns could also be changed.

During the act of not living a non-sober life, eating healthy might not be at the top of a person’s list. The negative aspect of this is the fact that substance misuse has the potential to negatively impact a person’s digestive and immune systems. The beauty of attending a treatment facility is that once in a program, symptoms of addiction can be defeated.

The act of engaging in substance use can be replaced with beneficial physical activity and exercise. Living a sober life can grant the person an opportunity to consider diving into nutrition. A general sense of health and wellness can certainly be attained through recovery. 

Feel Comfortable in Your Skin 

When people don’t experience healthy relationships internally within themselves, substance use can play as an easy way to conceal life’s discomfort. The risky part about that is the individual struggling doesn’t have to learn how to achieve self-love because feelings are covered up as opposed to being handled. By learning how to live sober, self-identity is discovered. 

Learning how to feel comfortable in one’s skin is extremely vital in life. Addiction and self-love are two entities that will never coexist. As recovery is fully experienced, self-discovery and self-love will be inevitable.  

What Does “Sober Curious” Mean?

being sober

The “sober curious” or “elective sobriety” movement is a new trend that consists of individuals who are not considered to be engaging in drug and alcohol misuse, who do not have a drinking issue but still make the courageous decision to become sober. This decision is not typically a long-lasting or permanent choice. Rather, the decision is made due to lifestyle or health benefits.

It’s important to note that those who embrace the “sober curious” lifestyle aren’t considered addicts, but instead are intrigued to experiment and witness which changes can arise. These individuals decide to abstain from engaging in alcohol use. They are interested in the positive effects being sober presents in their life. 

It’s normally not because of religious reasons or a clinical drinking issue. This route is seen as an alternative to traditional sobriety in that clients are encouraged to experiment with how alcohol fits into their lives then completely abstain from it. The majority of the sober environment are females, but anyone is welcomed. 

The sober curious movement has led to the creation of sober curious clubs and groups.
Due to the role alcohol plays in various social interactions, the groups allow individuals experimenting with sobriety an opportunity to witness the previous alcohol-centered interactions. 

These groups allow individuals to discuss the changes noticed in life and health and what sobriety has done for them. 

These groups serve as an exceptional resource for individuals curious in the sober curious movement. Other businesses and venues are beginning to notice people who have decided to be sober normally will still attend bars. Therefore, creating a higher demand for non-alcoholic beverages such as beers and mocktails. 

Goal of the “Sober Curious” Movement

The main aim of the sober curious movement is to destigmatize sobriety and experience being sober through being accepted in mainstream culture. One of the primary benefits of living a sober life is the act of being more health-conscious, therefore realizing that there are plenty of negative effects of alcohol use. Even when alcohol consumption isn’t excessive or heavy, the following negative health effects can occur.

  • The risk of developing dependence on alcohol 
  • Increased risk of memory issues and injuries 
  • Weight gain 

One of the main reasons individuals could desire to embrace a sober lifestyle is avoiding the following brought on from alcohol consumption. 

  • Increased disruptions 
  • An increase in functioning 
  • Suffering from hangovers

The sober curious movement coincides with the increasing popularity of mindfulness activities. 

What Are the Benefits of Sober Curiosity?

  • Improved memory 
  • Feeling more focused 
  • Being able to function 
  • Weight loss

A Sober Lifestyle Awaits at BRC Healthcare 

Here at BRC Healthcare, we would love to help you reclaim and rebuild your life by embracing sobriety. The vicious cycle of drug and alcohol use can be eliminated. We have a team of experts that focuses on holistic healing, which true recovery can be thoroughly experienced.

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